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EACN Registration Fee

NT$ 1,000NT$ 13,000

NT$ 1,000NT$ 13,000

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EACN Registration Fee

NT$ 1,000NT$ 13,000

We have several different registration fees as tabulated below.
Please note that the discount price for early registration will be applied until May 15, 2023.

★The registration fee is in TWD, the price in USD is for reference only.


Entanglement-Assisted Communication Networks (EACN) Workshop

Join us for an exciting workshop on Entanglement Assisted Communication, taking place from June 19th to June 23rd at the National Taiwan University (NTU) campus. This interdisciplinary event will bring together experts from academia, research labs, and industry to discuss the latest developments in entanglement-assisted communication systems. With a great lineup of speakers from various institutions, including Peter van Loock, Norbert Hanik, and Marc Geitz, we’ll explore how entanglement can be used as a resource to assist classical communication systems. The workshop will be held in a hybrid format, with in-person sessions on Monday, June 19th to Wednesday, June 21st, and online sessions on Thursday, June 22nd and Friday, June 23rd. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in discussions, ask questions, and network with other professionals in the field. We hope to see you there! 

#entanglement #communication #quantum #workshop


The meeting will take place at 浦大邦紀念講堂 Dr. Poe Lecture Hall in the National Taiwan University (NTU) campus. The address is No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106.

For more information, please see the webpage:

Workshop on Entanglement Assisted Communication Networks

歡迎大家報名參加於6月19日至6月23日在國立臺灣大學舉行的「量子糾纏輔助通訊研討會」。此跨領域研討會將匯集來自學術界、研究機構和產業界的專家,討論糾纏輔助通訊系統的最新發展。此次研討會的演講嘉賓來自多個機構,包括Peter van Loock、Norbert Hanik和Marc Geitz等知名專家,將探索如何利用糾纏作為資源,協助古典通訊系統。


#糾纏 #通訊 #量子 #研討會


國立臺灣大學 浦大邦紀念講堂



Workshop on Entanglement Assisted Communication Networks


Registration Fee

No. Items Registrant Identity TWD USD Others
1 Registration Fee Local Student NT$1,000 30 Complete the registration before 24:00 on May 15 , 2023 (UTC+8)
2 International Student NT$3,000 100
3 Early Bird NT$9,500 300
4 Regular NT$13,000 400
A Excursion  (June 22nd) 1~4 above & 

Family Dependent (per person by the age)

NT$2,000 70  


Excursion ( This will be a whole-day activity on June 22nd )

點我報名 Registration Form (for the day-tour)


  1. 會議註冊費不含6月22日「臺北龍舟故宮一日遊」活動行程。本活動需另計費用,可攜眷參加。
  2. 此行程為選擇性活動,報名人數達35人可湊成一台車;如果每台車參加人數未達35人,則不出團。
  3. 依報名先後順序決定。
  4. 成團後,再Email通知繳費。
  5. 報名截止時間:2023年5月20日


  1. The excursion  is not included in the registration fee. 
  2. This is an optional event. If the number of applicants reaches 35 people, one car can be combined; if the number of participants in each car does not reach 35 people, there will be no tour.
  3. Arranged in the order of registration.
  4. After the tour is arranged successfully, we will email you to pay the fees.
  5. Deadline: May 20, 2023.

二、6月22日 「臺北龍舟故宮一日遊」行程規劃


行程內容 臺灣大學浦大邦講堂集合出發→遊覽車接送→大佳河濱公園→參觀2023台北國際龍舟錦標賽→午餐時光→臺北故宮博物院(每人配領故宮中外語導覽耳機),含門票及導覽機費用→上遊覽車→返回臺灣大學
餐食 早餐:自理           





費用包含 1.43人坐大巴1台










6/22 “Tapiei Dragan boat & National Palace Musemum” one-day tour

Schedule Departure from Dr. Poe Lecture Hall @NTU→ tour bus → Dajia Riverside Park → 2023 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championship → Lunch break → National Palace Museum in Taipei (with guided audio tour headsets provided for each person. The ticket and audio guide expenses is included in the fee)→ Back to NTU.
Meal breakfast:on own       

lunch:Hai Pa Wang Restaurant @ Taipei(台北海霸王餐廳)       

dinner:on own

1.  The fee for shared dishes is calculated based on a table of 10 people.

2. vegan: $660 per person

The fee includes: 1.  43 per tour bus

2. a guide and a driver (including lunch, tips, and other incidental expenses).

3. lunch

4. ticket and audio guide expenses

5. insurance 

1. Tour bus per day costs 22500, each person pays 22500/35 = 643

2. the capacity of the tour bus is 41 people。

3. ticket and audio guide expenses: 500 per person

4. insurance & administrative expenses: 200 per person




三、行程費用(The price of the event)




Lunch fee (additional for vegan/vegetarian only)




> 18 years old

TWD$2,000 +TWD$660/person

6~18 years old

TWD$1,500 +TWD$660/person

< 6 years old

TWD$300 午餐合菜不佔位

not counted as a person for lunch (10 people per table for lunch)

點我報名 Registration Form (for the day-tour)

Additional information


Local Student, International Student, Early Bird, Regular